Over the past 2,000 years, Christianity has spread from a dozen disciples to hundreds of millions across the globe. On the Hope Tour, we relive some of the key moments in Christian History that shaped the world as we know it now. We visit strategic cities to hear how God moved through people, ministries and key events. But, the good news is that God is still moving in these cities today. We will not only get to work hand-in-hand with effective ministries but will get to share the Gospel on the streets, in churches, and outdoor evangelistic events where we will see people saved, healed and delivered. Finally, the Hope Tour is more than just seeing the past and experiencing the present. God has placed you alive on the timeline of world history right now for a purpose. He wants you to be one who takes the Hope of the Gospel to the world you live. God wants your life to accomplish it's purpose just like the men and women we hear about on the tour. We know that on The Hope Tour, God is going to speak to you and give you clarity on the reason He has created you. This is the Hope Tour. Will you prayerfully asked the Holy Spirit if He would like you to come along? The adventure of a lifetime awaits.